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מהנדס(ת) תוכנה FULL-STACK

- Proven experience in full-stack software development (at least 3 years)
– Good Knowledge of Python* server-side development and Web frameworks.
– Understanding of Object-Oriented and Service Oriented Architecture
– Good Knowledge of client-side Web development: JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS.
– Good Knowledge of technologies/languages/protocols: JSON, RESTful API, XML
– Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL
– Experience in Linux development environment
– B.Sc./B.A. in Computer Sciences or Software Engineering

R&D Team Lead – full-stack

- Vast experience in coding full-stack web solutions
– Experience in architecting and developing software or infrastructure for scalable, distributed systems
– BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
– Experience in leading a development team
– Experience with Python or Java or Node.JS or any open-source backend stack
– Experience in designing distributed cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure)

QA Team Leader

• Hands-on experience building realistic enterprise testing environments
• Hands-on experience building Windows testing environments (e.g. active directory, group policies, …)
• Hands-on experience building networking testing environments (e.g. switch configurations, VLANs, NAC/802.1x, VPN, SSL, …)
• Hands-on experience with VM-based automation / virtualization in general.
• Hands-on experience building proven automation frameworks
• Hands-on experience with testing end user experience

R&D Team Lead

· Proven industry experience (3-4 years) building and leading small/medium R&D teams using agile methodologies
· Proven experience building mature enterprise software
· Hands-on experience with operating systems, networking and virtualization
· Experience in the cyber-security domain – advantage

Sensor Fusion / Estimation / Computer vision Engineer

" MSc (a must) /PhD in CS/EE/Math/Eng. .
" 3+ years of experience as an algorithm engineer in sensor fusion / estimation
" Strong Matalb & C++ experience
" Very good analytical & Math skills.
" Willingness to learn and experiment

Test/ Automation Engineer position

at least 2 years os SW development experience
EE degree

Product Manager

" A degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
" 3 years' experience in Product Management
" Knowledge in VoIP technologies, including SIP, RTP, SBC, VoIP gateway
" Experience in R&D System engineering
" Advantage for knowledge in data routing and virtualization

Quality & Reliability Engineer

„ B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science or related fields.
„ 3-5 years¡¦ experience in semiconductors.
„ Knowledge in semiconductor physics, VLSI IC design, manufacturing, testing and FA, reliability engineering and statistics fundamentals.
Experience / Knowledge in Keywords – an advantage
„ Knowledge and experience in PCBA manufacturing is a plus.
„ Knowledge in computer networks is a plus.

Senior Software Engineer

3+ years of experience with embedded SW development
„ Experience working in Linux environments
„ Like working close to the hardware, to debug and to deep dive
„ Ability to work tightly with internal and external teams
„ Experience working with various HW protocol analyzers – Advantage
„ Knowledge of Intel x86 arch and boot flow – Advantage

PCIe expert

„ 5+ years of experience in chip design
„ BSc degree in Computer Engineering/BS Computer science/Electrical Engineering
„ Experience in PCI-E protocol from leading companies in the semiconductor industry – a must
„ Knowledge in advanced PCIe protocols (gen3, gen4) – a big advantage
„ Very good communication skills

Chip Architecture

„ Exploring and understanding new technologies to meet future systems needs
„ Chip level architecture definition
„ Specification and architecture documentation
„ Technical leadership and guidance of multidimensional development teams

Embedded Data Plane and Kernel Engineer

" Experience developing device drivers and kernel modules in Unix/Linux.
" Expert command of data structure, lock-less algorithms.
" Software-defined networks, data-plane programming.
" Network security and scaling, including carrier-grade requirements.
" Open source contribution track record.

Board design Engineer

תואר ראשון בהנדסת חשמל ואלקטרוניקה.
· ניסיון מעשי והכרה טובה של:
מעגלי אלקטרוניקה ספרתית: CPU/SoC, Ethernet Switches, VHDL ורכיבים מתכנתים.
ממשקי תקשורת: T1/E1, Ethernet 10/100/1000, ISDN, xDSL, Analog Telephony FXS/FXO.
· יחסי אנוש מעולים, נמרץ, בעל יכולת עבודה עצמאית והובלת פרוייקטי חומרה, קפדן ומסודר.


Experience setting up and configuring x86 servers (replacing CPUs, PCIe adapters, storage devices; firmware management (E.g. BIOS)) rack installation and cabling
Experience in setting up, administering and operating Linux based servers (networking, user permissions, software updates and patches)
Experience with Ethernet network setup & configuration (Ethernet switch configurations, proper understanding of network topologies)
Fluent in bash
Good understanding of networking hardware, x86 CPUs, SSDs, x86 motherboards
Fluent English – writing and speaking
Self-managed and hands-on
A team player, likes to work in a challenging environment
Preferred qualifications


Strong portfolio, showing experience designing and implementing enterprise quality front-ends (WEB and mobile)
Extensive experience developing web applications (HTML5, CSS, JS, Angular, etc.)
Extensive backend experience (Node.js)
Strong project management and communication skills
BSc degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering


Network setup & configuration – DCB switches, VLANs, routers
Virtualization – proficiency in at least one of: vmware, kvm, hyper-v
Scripting skills – bash, python
Self managed and resourceful
BSc degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering/Math


Fluent in Python
Preferred qualifications
Experience testing storage systems


Fluent in Python (guru level)
Experience building complex systems in Python
BSc degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or an autodidact with equivalent experience
Preferred qualifications
Experience building storage systems


Experience designing and implementing storage systems
Experience designing and implementing distributed systems
Extensive Linux system programming experience in C/C++
BSc degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Preferred qualifications


Extensive Linux system programming experience in C/C++
Experience designing and implementing distributed systems
BSc degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or an autodidact with equivalent experience