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Proven ability to learn, such as degree in electrical engineering, computer science, physics or any other related field.
Team player who has excellent interpersonal skills while able to tackle independently tasks along the way.
Ability to take over a problem from research, through design and implementation up to performance analysis.
Technological passion, innovations and exploration of new research fields.
Proficiency in c++ software programming.

Machine Learning Expert

3+ years of academic or industry experience in machine learning.
Hands-on advanced proficiency in probabilistic graphical models, kernel methods, statistical network analysis.
Practical experience with large-scale machine learning.
Practical experience in programming.
Ability to rapidly prototype the latest research in the field.
Outstanding analytical skills, ability to device ML-friendly representations of domain knowledge.
Passion to tackle real-world problems with no known solution, to troubleshoot the solutions, and to bring them to commercial implementation.
Expertise in deep NNs is a substantial plus. Facility with visualization and exploratory analysis of high-dimensional datasets is a plus.