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IT Engineer

לסטארט אפ דרוש/ה IT Engineer לעבודה עצמאית במשרדי החברה תוך ממשק עם המשרדים ארה”ב.

IT Engineer Duties and Responsibilities:
– Identify and Resolve System Issues.
– Responsible to the company Israel IT Infra Structure (Switch, Router, Wi-Fi, ADSL Connection, VPN’s, Firewall….).
– Responsible to all company IL Computers and Servers (Buy, Support, Fix) using Linux and Windows.

Core skills:
– Knowing security protocols, IT systems, networking infrastructures and database systems.
– Working with inter-disciplinary teams to craft IT solutions.
– Communicating complex information to a non-technological audience.

Machine Learning Algorithms Engineer

  •  6 years in using and developing machine learning or statistical learning algorithms.
  • Strong coding skills in Python\ C \ Matlab.
  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics or a related discipline.

Formal verification engineer

  • Advanced knowledge of digital logic design and verification techniques.
  • Developed formal property proofs.
  • Solid understanding of formal verification technologies and abstraction techniques.

VLSI designer

” BSc / MSc. in Electrical Engineering.

“5 years’ experience in VLSI logic design.

” Understanding the VLSI design flow: micro-architecture, logic design, verification, physical design and post-silicon validation.

FPGA Project Manager

  • B.Sc. in electrical engineering.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in leading complete FPGA designs – advantage.
  • Experience in porting designs from ASIC to FPGA – advantage.


Full Stack Engineer

  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.
  • Fluent in at least one high-level language: Python, Javascript or C#.
  • Experience with Databases such as SQL MongoDB.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer – Center of Excellence

  • MS or PhD in a quantitative discipline, e.g. Computer Science, Mathematics, Operations Research, Data Science, or similar BS with 2+ years of experience in a highly quantitative position.
  • Experience in Deep Learning: DNN, CNN, RNN/LSTM, GAN or other auto encoder.
  • Published research in areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Reinforcement Learning at a major conference or journal.

מהנדס(ת) תוכנה FULL-STACK

- Proven experience in full-stack software development (at least 3 years)
– Good Knowledge of Python* server-side development and Web frameworks.
– Understanding of Object-Oriented and Service Oriented Architecture
– Good Knowledge of client-side Web development: JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS.
– Good Knowledge of technologies/languages/protocols: JSON, RESTful API, XML
– Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL
– Experience in Linux development environment
– B.Sc./B.A. in Computer Sciences or Software Engineering

R&D Team Lead – full-stack

- Vast experience in coding full-stack web solutions
– Experience in architecting and developing software or infrastructure for scalable, distributed systems
– BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
– Experience in leading a development team
– Experience with Python or Java or Node.JS or any open-source backend stack
– Experience in designing distributed cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure)

QA Team Leader

• Hands-on experience building realistic enterprise testing environments
• Hands-on experience building Windows testing environments (e.g. active directory, group policies, …)
• Hands-on experience building networking testing environments (e.g. switch configurations, VLANs, NAC/802.1x, VPN, SSL, …)
• Hands-on experience with VM-based automation / virtualization in general.
• Hands-on experience building proven automation frameworks
• Hands-on experience with testing end user experience

R&D Team Lead

· Proven industry experience (3-4 years) building and leading small/medium R&D teams using agile methodologies
· Proven experience building mature enterprise software
· Hands-on experience with operating systems, networking and virtualization
· Experience in the cyber-security domain – advantage

Sensor Fusion / Estimation / Computer vision Engineer

” MSc (a must) /PhD in CS/EE/Math/Eng. .
” 3+ years of experience as an algorithm engineer in sensor fusion / estimation
” Strong Matalb & C++ experience
” Very good analytical & Math skills.
” Willingness to learn and experiment

Test/ Automation Engineer position

at least 2 years os SW development experience
EE degree

Product Manager

” A degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
” 3 years’ experience in Product Management
” Knowledge in VoIP technologies, including SIP, RTP, SBC, VoIP gateway
” Experience in R&D System engineering
” Advantage for knowledge in data routing and virtualization

Quality & Reliability Engineer

„ B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science or related fields.
„ 3-5 years¡¦ experience in semiconductors.
„ Knowledge in semiconductor physics, VLSI IC design, manufacturing, testing and FA, reliability engineering and statistics fundamentals.
Experience / Knowledge in Keywords – an advantage
„ Knowledge and experience in PCBA manufacturing is a plus.
„ Knowledge in computer networks is a plus.

Senior Software Engineer

3+ years of experience with embedded SW development
„ Experience working in Linux environments
„ Like working close to the hardware, to debug and to deep dive
„ Ability to work tightly with internal and external teams
„ Experience working with various HW protocol analyzers – Advantage
„ Knowledge of Intel x86 arch and boot flow – Advantage

PCIe expert

„ 5+ years of experience in chip design
„ BSc degree in Computer Engineering/BS Computer science/Electrical Engineering
„ Experience in PCI-E protocol from leading companies in the semiconductor industry – a must
„ Knowledge in advanced PCIe protocols (gen3, gen4) – a big advantage
„ Very good communication skills

Chip Architecture

„ Exploring and understanding new technologies to meet future systems needs
„ Chip level architecture definition
„ Specification and architecture documentation
„ Technical leadership and guidance of multidimensional development teams

Embedded Data Plane and Kernel Engineer

” Experience developing device drivers and kernel modules in Unix/Linux.
” Expert command of data structure, lock-less algorithms.
” Software-defined networks, data-plane programming.
” Network security and scaling, including carrier-grade requirements.
” Open source contribution track record.

Board design Engineer

תואר ראשון בהנדסת חשמל ואלקטרוניקה.
· ניסיון מעשי והכרה טובה של:
מעגלי אלקטרוניקה ספרתית: CPU/SoC, Ethernet Switches, VHDL ורכיבים מתכנתים.
ממשקי תקשורת: T1/E1, Ethernet 10/100/1000, ISDN, xDSL, Analog Telephony FXS/FXO.
· יחסי אנוש מעולים, נמרץ, בעל יכולת עבודה עצמאית והובלת פרוייקטי חומרה, קפדן ומסודר.