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RFIC\Analog System Analysis sudent

Electrical engineer student with at least 4 semesters left to graduate.
Hands-on skills.
Basic RF background and familiarity with RF systems fundamentals.
Technical RF experience – advantage
Matlab, C, Python coding – advantage

ATE Student

בוגר/ת שנה ב’ בהנדסת חשמל בלבד
**** נכונות ליומיים בשבוע לפחות עם נכונות לשישי – שבת במידה וישנו צורך
ניסיון מוכח בפיתוח תוכנה – יתרון

QA Student for Imaging and Computer Vision Department

2nd year graduate in Computer/Software Engineering or 1st-2nd year graduate in Computer Science.
Average Grades of 85+
Students of Universities

Student for VLSI Department

Minimum 50% job, reporting to Logic Design Team Leader.

year graduate in electronic engineering or 1-2 in computer & electronic engineering
**GPA +82

Knowledge in digital logic systems

Object Oriented Programming
Verilog or VHDL