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ASIC Design Engineer

תואר ראשון (BSc) בהנדסת חשמל או אלקטרוניקה
2-6 שנות ניסיון כמהנדס פיתוח ניסיון ב ASIC RTL Design על כל שלביו
אחריות אישית, יוזמה ועצמאות
יכולת מוכחת בהשגת תוצאות מהירות בסביבה דינאמית.

מהנדס/ת מערכת/ארכיטקטורת מוצר

ניסיון מוכח של 3 שנים לפחות בהנדסת מערכת בתחום ה Network Management
הכרה עם פרוטוקולי תקשורת של layer 2 ו layer 3 וכמו כן עם טכנולוגיות גישה – חובה
ידע מעמיק בפרוטוקולים של ניהול מוצרים (SNMP, CLI, Netconf/YANG) – חובה

C++ and Java Developer

B.Sc. or equivalent in Computer Science
At least 3 years of development experience
Significant experience in C++ is a must
Significant experience in Unix/Linux is a must
Java experience is a significant advantage

Experience with these is an advantage
Networking/Web technologies


Experience: at least 1 year experience as QA engineer in SAAS cloud projects
Knowledge requirements: automatic testing in python/java/tcl
Writing and executing test plans

Team Leader for Companion Cloud Project

Education: BC.s in SW Engineering / Computer Science
Experience: at least 5 years experience as Junior team leader or experience as developer.
Knowledge requirements:
Development of SAAS projects in amazon/azure environments
Server side Java development
Client side: Java script + UI

Java Senior Software Engineer

BS.C in Computer Science/Software Engineering from a well-regarded
academic institute
4+ years of experience in Java server side
Extensive experience in Spring
Proven experience with JBOSS, Apache projects
Experience with Client-Server technologies
Experience in Oracle and non-relational data bases – a huge advantage.
Must be detail-oriented and self-motivated.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Excellent Hebrew and English

Java Software Engineer

B.Sc. (or higher) in Computer Science / Software Engineering or other related.
· Experience in Client-Server technologies
· 0 – 3 years of Java experience.
· Experience in Multi-threading programming
· Ability to understand and work with a whole system, and not just a component.
· Eager to learn and to take initiative.

Java Developer

BS/MS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
Thorough knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming and design
Working knowledge and use of design patterns
In depth knowledge and understanding of the Java language
A minimum of 5 years of experience developing JEE / EJB applications
Knowledge of JSF, JavaScript, HTML\HTML5, CSS and AJAX web technologies

C++ SW Engineer

BS/MS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering
3 or more years of OO design and C++ development experience for Windows OS
Experience developing VoIP applications
Experience with Telephony protocols (TDM and IP)
Experience with Network Protocols (TCP, UDP, SIP, RTP)

Experience with Java programming

Senior SW Engineer Replication team

* B.Sc in Computer Science / Software Engineering from a known university (with high grades).
* Experience in C++
* Understanding of Object Oriented principles
* Team player.
* Quick learner
* Takes initiative

מפתח/ת FrontEnd

” 3-2 שנות ניסיון בפיתוח Web Client (JavaScript + HTML + CSS)
” ניסיון ב-Object Oriented JavaScript
” ניסיון ב-AJAX applications/websites, הכרות עם design patterns
” ניסיון ב- HTML5& CSS3 ,cross browser -יתרון משמעותי
” ניסיון ב- client side frameworks כגון:: Angular.JS; Ember, Backbone יתרון משמעותי
” ידע ב- HTML 5 features – SVG, Canvas, HTML 5 Javascript APIs , local storage-יתרון משמעותי
” ניסיון ב- NodeJS- יתרון משמעותי
” ניסיון ב- WebgGL- יתרון משמעותי

Software Team Leader

· Relevant academic degree (CS/ CE / EE)

· At least 4 years’ experience in Java – Must

· At least 2 year as team leader – Must

· Experience in design and development of Server and Client side

· Knowledge and experience in Linux – Must

· Knowledge and experience in databases (SQL and Non-SQL)

Development Team Leader

Computer Science degree from a top university, relevant army experience is also welcome
Extensive experience with Java server side technologies (at least 4 years)
At least 2 year as team leader
Proven abilities to design and develop large scale, multi-threaded products
Ability to recruit, train and mentor new employees
Experience developing RESTful APIs and integrations projects with different products

Experienced QA Engineer for our NFV QA team

Minimum 5 years of Experience (QA, development, IT) with the following
Routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, ISIS and BGP).
In general – experience in telecommunication and networking
Some knowledge in Linux is desirable (specifically the networking aspect of Linux, administration and troubleshooting)
Familiarity of Virtualization concepts (such as VirtIO, KVM, VirtualBox, OpenStack)

מהנדס/ת Verification Design מתחיל/ה לרכיבי FPGA

תואר ראשון בהנדסת אלקטרוניקה מהטכניון/אוניברסיטה או סטודנט/ית שנה ד’, בוגר/ת
בהצטיינות – יתרון משמעותי
עד שנתיים ניסיון ב – Design Verification עבור רכיבי FPGA/ASIC בתחום התקשורת
הכרות עם מתודולוגיות וריפיקציה Specman/uvm/system verilog – יתרון משמעותי
הכרת פרוטוקולי תקשורת (Ethernet, TCP/IP) – יתרון משמעותי

Senior SW Quality Engineer

BSc. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent
At least 3 years of Java-based automation experience, experience with jUnit/ Selenium/TestNG is advantage
Understanding and experience working with network security on layers 4-7
Expertize in testing large-scale enterprise level products, proven ability to create, implement and execute a comprehensive test plan for such environments
Experience in creating and maintaining Python scripts for QE environment

Senior QA Engineer

Knowledge of block-level Storage / storage networking / networking protocols
Experience developing test automation infrastructure and/or automating tests that operate across multiple server and client machines
Experience in analyzing large and diverse systems, understanding of QA processes and procedures.
Background in developing test automation infrastructure and/or automating tests on a combination of Linux and Windows servers.
Demonstrated testing experience (Test Definition & Execution) in the following fields: Integration, performance, stress, stability
Knowledge of low-level OS user and kernel development (Linux or other) – an advantage.

Experienced QA Engineer

BS/MS in Computer Science/Telecommunications Engineering
3 or more years’ experience
At list 1 year proven experience with automatic QA
Experience with designing and developing automated test environments and tools using scripting and high-level programming languages like C#, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby,
Experience with at least one of the following: networking protocols, VoIP protocols

QA Automation Team engineer

BS in Computer Sciences /SW / Computer Engineering

more than two years’ experience in C# developing
Experience with TCL or any other scripting language – an advantage.
Experience with SQL – an advantage
Experience on developing and maintaining tests framework

Software Embedded Engineer

תואר בהנדסת מחשבים/תוכנה/מדעי המחשב מאוניברסיטה/טכניון
3 שנות ניסיון ומעלה
פיתוח בשפת C/C++ בסביבת Embedded
פיתוח בסביבת Linux-Embedded – יתרון
פיתוח תשתיות תוכנה בתחום ה- Management, Protocols- יתרון