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SW Manager

  • 10 years of manger/team leader, with managing scale of about 15 Eng.
  • 4+ years of network driver development.
  • Good understanding of TCP/IP stack.
  • Ability to define and design cross system solution.

Computer Vision Algorithms Manager

  • MSc (PhD – advantage) in relevant domain.
  • 3-5 years of experience in management of CV researchers team.
  • Experience and understanding of the process of hand over to embedded team implementation.

R&D Team Lead – full-stack

- Vast experience in coding full-stack web solutions
– Experience in architecting and developing software or infrastructure for scalable, distributed systems
– BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience
– Experience in leading a development team
– Experience with Python or Java or Node.JS or any open-source backend stack
– Experience in designing distributed cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Azure)

QA Team Leader

• Hands-on experience building realistic enterprise testing environments
• Hands-on experience building Windows testing environments (e.g. active directory, group policies, …)
• Hands-on experience building networking testing environments (e.g. switch configurations, VLANs, NAC/802.1x, VPN, SSL, …)
• Hands-on experience with VM-based automation / virtualization in general.
• Hands-on experience building proven automation frameworks
• Hands-on experience with testing end user experience

R&D Team Lead

· Proven industry experience (3-4 years) building and leading small/medium R&D teams using agile methodologies
· Proven experience building mature enterprise software
· Hands-on experience with operating systems, networking and virtualization
· Experience in the cyber-security domain – advantage

Systems Department Manager

More than 7 years of experience in team lead
Project management and lead
End to end project involvement from the definition stage to the production stage
Multi-disciplinary knowledge
FPGA development (FPGA design with Verilog/VHDL)
Embedded SW project involvement (embedded SW coding – advantage)
Boards and systems definition and design
Board’s Software Drivers Package

SW infrastructure team leade

SW infrastructure team leader, leading a team of 5-6 engineers
Having wide-ranging experience, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways.
Determines methods and procedures on new assignments and coordinate activities of other personnel.
Must have experience in team managemen

Product Marketing Manager

תואר ראשון בהנדסת תוכנה/ הנדסת חומרה
3-7 שנות ניסיון בפיתוח תוכנה או חומרה-
רקע וראייה טכנית חזקה
ניסיון מחברה גלובאלית
ניסיון מתחום הsemi-conductor- יתרון משמעותי
אנגלית ברמה גבוהה- חובה.
*המשרה מתאימה גם למהנדסים מנוסים שמעוניינים לעשות מעבר לתפקיד בשיווק.

Principal Staff Researcher of Network Technology

Software engineering, Electrical Engineering, telecommunication background.
2. Hold well-recognized reputation or job titles such as Fellow, CTO, Distinguished Engineer, SDO WG Chair, or other expert and technical leadership positions
3. Publish and speak in the world-wide standard development body, industrial or research communities such as IEEE, OIF, IETF, ITU, SIGCOMM, etc. Preferably hold positions in such communities
4. Key player in the worldwide research ecosystem (e.g. IEEE, OIF, IETF, ITU, EU project).
5. Vigorous and capable of driving the industrial development.
6. Sensitive to the global trend of advanced research and technology evolution.
7. Fundamentals and Internals of Ethernet (Routers and Switches), or transport network (OTN / SDH / SONET)
8. Knowledge with mobile transport network (Fronthaul / Backhaul) is a plus
9. Self-motivated and driven researcher or engineer who takes pride in delivering high-quality work. Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
10. Ability to multitask, solve problems of moderate scope, exercise latitude in determining technical objectives of assignments.
11. Strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, both written and spoken.

PHY – Communications DSP Group Manager

” 10+ years of research and application of signal processing, communications theory, and system design.
” Experience in communication algorithm simulation at the link-level, and preferably also cellular system-level.
” Hands-on experience with fixed-point signal processors, and code optimization in C for efficient DSP instruction set architecture utilization.
” Good understanding of analog radio architecture, constraints, impairments, and the ability to model them.
” Solid mathematical and analytical skills and enthusiasm for problem solving.
” Experience in disciplined work methodology by applying common systems engineering and software engineering practices.
” Extensive coding experience in Matlab and C/C++.

Validation & Verification Team Leader

B.Sc. in electronics engineering or in computer science – Must
3+ years of experience as QA engineer. – Must
1+ years of experience as a hands-on Team Leader- Must
Hands-On person, solid background in the field of Networking (Layer 2) – Must
Experience by writes testing documents and test reports- Must
Testing experience in the field of IP & ETH protocols (Layer 2) – Must
Knowledge in the operation of ETH equipment (STC,N2X, IXIA) – Must
Deep technical level on RF, networking and Carrier Ethernet – advantage

Senior/Leader System Software Engineer

Electrical/Computer Science engineer with GPA of > 85.
Knowledge and good understanding of HW, SW and the entire System view.
6+ years of experience with embedded SW development.
2+ years of experience working in Linux environments.
Like to work close to the hardware, to debug and to deep dive.

Experience working with various HW protocol analyzers – Advantage.
Knowledge of Intel x86 arch and boot flow – Advantage.

ראש צוות תוכנה

תואר במדעי המחשב או הנדסת תוכנה מאוניברסיטה מוכרת
3 שנות ניסיון כראש צוות
6 שנות ניסיון בפיתוח תוכנה בתחום: Windows, C++, Multi-Threading
ניסיון בתכנון ארכיטקטורת תוכנה
ניסיון בתחום התקשורת
יכולת Hands-on וכניסה לקוד

Testing Team Leader

Experience with multidisciplinary products, HW, Optics, algorithms and SW.
Experience with Computer Vision, Image Processing based products.
Experience and technical competency with Windows / Linux / Android operating system.
Experience with multidisciplinary products, HW, Optics, algorithms and SW.
Experience with Computer Vision, Image Processing based products.
Experience and technical competency with Windows / Linux / Android operating system.

Wireless Communication System Technical Lead

5-6 years of experience in communication/RF Arch./signal processing
Managerial experience of at least 2-4 years
Ability to technically lead and challenge the engineers in the team
Ability to plan and monitor the on-going tasks to achieve team level objectives
Knowledge of communication systems, emphasis on wireless systems

Experience in at least 2 of the following areas:
Deep understanding of Rx and Tx RF chains
Knowledge and experience in digital signal processing an advantage

Platform’s HW Lead

At least 10 years experience in the board design field, experience with leading of a small team is an advantage
Must have good system understating
Working with complex ASICs such as micro-processors, FPGAs, CPLDs o Knowledge in memory technologies: SRAM, DDRs, EEPROMs, NAND / NOR

Knowledge in standard interfaces: USB, UART, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, etc. Knowledge in HDI (High Density Interconnection) PWB technology- an advantage

Product Manager

6+ years of embedded design experience (product/project management, Asic/ Hardware/ Firmware development)
Fields of expertise sought after: board design, ASIC/FPGA design, Video processing, Ethernet, embedded firmware (not all mandatory, but each provides an advantage)
Product management: proven track record in managing Consumer Electronics or Automotive related products
Project management: proven track record as project manager is an advantage

Testing Team Leader

At least 4 years’ experience in software quality assurance.
Experience with writing and execution of STP, ATP, STD.
Experience with multidisciplinary products, HW, Optics, algorithms and SW.
Experience with Computer Vision, Image Processing based products.
Experience and technical competency with Windows / Linux / Android operating system.
Scripting experience – an advantage
OpenCV – advantage

Computer Vision Algorithm Development Team Leader

MSc or Ph.D in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Math with at least 2 years industry experience.
Very experienced in Computer Vision, focusing on 3d reconstruction, SLAM, object recognition, segmentation.
Familiarity with deep learning – an advantage.
Algorithm and software development team leader: 4 years
TDD: advantage

SW Team Leader for IPP Phone

תואר ראשון בהנדסת מחשבים/תוכנה או מדעי המחשב, בוגר/ת אוניברסיטה בציון של 85+.
ניסיון של 3-5 שנים בפיתוח תוכנה למערכות Embedded.
2-3 שנות ניסיון בהובלת צוות תוכנה
שליטה מלאה בשפת C ברמה גבוהה – חובה.
הבנה וניסיון קודם בפיתוח ב- – Linux Embedded חובה.
הבנה וניסיון קודם בפרוטוקולי רשת .
ניסיון בתחום VoIP (SIP, RTP)- יתרון
ניסיון ב drivers in Linux Kernel – – יתרון